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What We Do

LVL Health is a leading medical cannabis clinic for chronic pain providing a rapid access route to the highest quality treatment. Our doctors may prescribe medical cannabis as part of your pain management care if our doctors believe it would be safe and beneficial for you.

Our specialist pain clinic researches the best ways to use medical cannabis treatments alongside the patient’s current primary care treatments to help manage chronic pain.

What Makes Us

Our team with the clinics we support deliver a complete cannabis treatment. LVL is focused on standardisation and safety of cannabis treatment for chronic pain.

We focus on one condition, with one product, in one truly revolutionary treatment. Less variation means more control.

We have scientifically selected the best product, best dose and delivery mechanism.  The delivery device is safe, is set at the best temperature to achieve the best outcome.

Fully interact with LVL and the clinic through an app that monitors your safety, pain levels and experience.

LVL Health can provide access to specialist doctors in the field of chronic pain across the country and, at a time to suit you by utilising our unique telemedicine remote service.

Unlike other clinics, we don’t pressure people to stop their other treatments – our treatments are designed to work alongside current standard pain therapies and we aim to communicate with and work in conjunction with other doctors involved in managing your pain as part of your treatment plan.

Our cannabis treatment is reasonably priced with one regular monthly fee with no extra charges.

Why choose LVL Health to access Medical Cannabis?

Experienced Physicians

LVL Health uses leading chronic pain physicians to ensure you receive only the best care during pain treatment.

Standardised Treatment

Our medical cannabis is standardised throughout the entire treatment for the most effective results.

Quality and Safety

Our medicinal cannabis is scientifically selected, unique and a safe treatment.

Priority Service

Using the latest in video consultation technology, we're able to offer you fast access to our medical treatment.

Our Medical Specialists

pain specialist

Dr. Matthew Brown


Dr. Elie Okirie