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What We Do

LVL Health is a leading medical cannabis clinic for chronic pain providing a rapid access route to the highest quality treatment. Our doctors may prescribe medical cannabis as part of your pain management care if our doctors believe it would be safe and beneficial for you.

Our specialist pain clinic researches the best ways to use medical cannabis treatments alongside the patient’s current primary care treatments to help manage chronic pain.

What Makes Our Medical Cannabis Clinic Different


We offer a world-class medical cannabis clinic service regulated by the CQC and under the guidance of renowned specialists ensuring that as a patient, you are carefully monitored during your treatment with medicinal cannabis.

medical cannabis formulation

We use a scientifically selected medicinal cannabis formulation that has the best potential benefit for pain management.

medical cannabis supply

We have surety of supply of the medicinal cannabis we prescribe.

medical cannabis study

The clinical service is offered at the best price; patients who attend the clinic can discuss with the doctors what studies are being conducted at the clinic from time to time to determine if they might be eligible to participate. Studies being conducted by the clinic can be seen on

Medical Cannabis pricing

Paying for private cannabis treatment on an ongoing basis is difficult for the majority of people to afford. NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has called for more data on the benefits of cannabis in chronic pain to help inform them about the possibilities for reimbursement on the NHS.

Why choose LVL Health to access Medical Cannabis?

Experienced Physicians

LVL Health uses leading chronic pain physicians to ensure you receive only the best care during pain treatment.

Standardised Treatment

Our medical cannabis is standardised throughout the entire treatment for the most effective results.

Quality and Safety

Our medicinal cannabis is scientifically selected, unique and a safe treatment.

Priority Service

Using the latest in video consultation technology, we're able to offer you fast access to our medical treatment.

LVL Health can provide access to specialist doctors in the field of chronic pain across the country and at a time to suit you by utilising our unique telemedicine remote service.

Unlike other clinics, we don’t pressure people to stop their other treatments – our treatments are designed to work alongside current standard pain therapies and we aim to communicate with and work in conjunction with other doctors involved in managing your pain as part of your treatment plan.

Our cannabis treatment is reasonably priced with a £99 joining fee and a £299 regular monthly fee for the cannabis medicine with no extra charges.

Our Medical Specialists


Dr. Elie Okirie


General Practitioner

Dr. Andrew Wallis

Dr. Shaw Sorooshian

Principle Investigator

Dr. Shaw Sorooshian

Dr. Navtej Sathi

Consultant Physician

Dr. Navtej Sathi

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